High Speed Puzzle Cube (Tanbi Puzzles RC100) 3×3 Stickerless (3 By 3) Magic



<pTHE ULTIMATE FUN AND EDUCATIONAL GAME: Parents, these speed cubes are not the same plastic toys you remember from your childhood. They are smoother, quicker and easier to turn than the original Rubik’s cube. If you want your kids to spend hours doing something fun while using their brains, get them this super cube!
GREAT FOR SPEED CUBING: This cube turns incredibly smoothly, with good corner cutting. The parts won’t get jammed, and give you good control. The tension is adjustable, and the cube is easy to dismantle for lubrication and easy to reassemble. You will surprise yourself with your new amazing solving time when using this cube.
SOLID AND DURABLE: It is hard to break, even if gets dropped when speed solving or solving with one hand. You do not have to worry about it getting spoiled or losing stickers when getting wet. It comes with a neat CARRYING BAG, to take it comfortably with you wherever you go.
STICKERLESS: You don’t have to worry about stickers peeling off, or having their corners start to fold. Note: Contrary to some people’s beliefs, WCA regulations state clearly that using sticker less cubes in competitions is totally legitimate.


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